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Larry Lynn Martin, Dale Keith Martin, Linda Colleen Martin Allcorn

Photo: Lt. Commander Merrill Keith Martin

Ensign Merrill Keith Martin; 1944
(Photographed: On Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides; 1944)

A Man of Dreams

By Silvana Cusack

July 11, 2000

A man of dreams he was He stood tall and strong Built like the gods handsome in heart and body Inner and outer strength His hands could hold the world His pen scribed the inner sanctuary of human kind He left a peaceful land to face the harshness of the war Even in the chaos he could find beauty Compassionate eyes saw the world with love Even in the madness he found hope He was a father He was a husband and friend Honor and Pride wrapped with love was his armor The gods held him close to their hearts Brave Hearts fought to keep peace and love He left for distant lands Upon Silver Wings he flew so high So many years ago a knight of modern times His visits to foreign lands filled his heart with joys and pains His hands scribed words with love and passion for life Upon silver wings he flew over emerald hills of grass and deep blue oceans The grass rhythmically swaying to the wind and tried to reach the skies The oceans shimmered through the night and gave color to dark days they would face Little children sleep upon warm beds at night Mother wished them goodnight In the silence of the twilight she cries and prays for her beloved so far away; For the gods to keep him from harms way She polishes the silver and brass She thinks of dreams they both desired Beloved alone in far distant lands Children sleep in peaceful plains He fought to keep his country free from harm His last thoughts at night were about his little children and his beloved wife A man of dreams of visions deep and wide You bestowed such a gift upon your son He bears your hands and your sweet smile Your eyes as his can see far beyond what we can see He too can see the beauty of life He paints pictures in modern ways His eye for pictures would steal your heart Over the oceans over the lands Over the seas upon silver wings he flies With golden dreams he glides the skies Please Mr. Dream man grant me a wish To join the lands with peace and love And keep him safe and close to your heart Tragedy struck like a sword upon the night Wings were broken and they could no longer fly Many lives were stolen in the silence of the hour Spirits rest in the depth of dreams swirled with love and tears Thoughts were scrambled before peace came His last thought remains in his heart of his little children and beloved wife For he was the guardian and peace maker to us all Many tears have joined the oceans for so long Sirens sing songs of the Man of Dreams Of his kindness and open heart His compassion for people and love of life So now tonight I light you this candle To thank you for giving us so much For freedom now reigns upon our lands And now your beloved child is now a man of love and honor He is now a man of dreams I thank you for giving so much of your self for the good of all Thank you. May you rest in peace. I dedicate this poem to you Dale in memory of your beloved Father. With love, Silvana Cusack
Copyright 2000 Silvana Cusack
All rights reserved.

Silvana Cusack is a gifted author of poetry.
She resides in Adelaide, South Australia; linked to hearts worldwide.
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2 Airborn PBY's
(Photographed by M. K. Martin; 1944)

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